EN 473

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This European Standard establishes principles for the qualification and certification of personnel who perform industrial non-destructive testing (NDT).

The term ‘industrial’ implies the exclusion of applications in the field of medicine. The system described in this European Standard can also apply to other NDT methods, or to new techniques within an established NDT method, provided a comprehensive scheme of certification exists and the method or technique is covered by European, international or national standards, or the new NDT method or technique has been demonstrated as effective through a formal qualification carried out in accordance with CEN/TR 14748.

When certification of NDT personnel is defined in product standards, regulations, codes or specifications, it is recommended to certify the personnel in accordance with this European Standard.

The methodology for “Approval” of NDT personnel is not specified in Directive 97/23/EC and it was agreed that guidance was required in order to ensure a consistent approach to the application of the Directive and the implementation of Working Group Pressure guideline 6/13 by Recognised Third Party Organisations (RTPO). As a result a Code of Practice was developed as Technical Report CEN/TR 15589.

The certification covers proficiency in one or more of the following methods:

References and notes

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