First Steps

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Getting familiar with the wiki

Once logged in, the best practice is to follow the link with your user name on top of the page to edit your personal page.

On your personal page you are allowed to put any content you want.

The personal page will be linked to any contribution you add to the wiki, is a good place to put personal data, links to your website and personal promotion

Please practice into your personal page before you start contributing. also make sure you follow Wikipedia editing policy when you add content

Editing help

For helping in your edits, a rich editor link is set on top of the edit box, when enabling it you will have a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor that makes things easier.

This wiki uses Wikitext markup formatting, for help on Wikitext  read Formatting tutorial or use this cheatset for reference

before editing outside your personal page is a good idea to read wikipedia tutorial 


You should add content useful to other users, no personal nor commercial promotions are allowed outside your personal page.

Content added should follow Wikipedia editing policy