Leak Testing

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LEAK TESTING is the branch of nondestructive testing that concerns the escape or entry of liquids or gases from pressurized or into evacuated components or systems intended to hold these liquids. Leaking fluids (liquid or gas) can penetrate from inside a component or assembly to the outside, or vice versa, as a result of a pressure differential between the two regions or as a result of permeation through a somewhat extended barrier. Leak testing encompasses procedures for one or a combination of the following:

· Locating (detecting and pinpointing) leaks

· Determining the rate of leakage from one leak or from a system

· Monitoring for leakage

Leak testing is increasing in importance because of the rising value of, and warranties on, manufactured products and because of the constantly increasing sensitivity of components and systems to external contaminants. Environmental concerns are causing additional emphasis on leak testing and its conduct.