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Community portal
 This page is a portal to various community-related tasks, current events and discussions, and links to helpful pages, and pages that need editing

NDTWiki is a collaborative project building a library of free content texts using the wiki process. Everyone is more than welcome to join in! So far, our collection contains 34 text units. You can create and edit texts at NDTWiki right now. If you haven't done so already, you may want to create an account, which provides a range of benefits.

If you're new to the project, please see our First Steps and help pages which will explain anything you need to know.

Don't forget to register and create your personal page in NDTWiki

There are four parts to NDTWiki...

Getting involvedFinding areas needing workCollaboratingImproving and maintaining

You can pick and choose which areas you work on, but it's helpful if we try and cover a bit of each!

Improve and maintain

Use the sections here to list items that need improving.

Current and requested texts

A large variety of tasks are available, if you cannot find one to suit — start your own!

Get involved

New people are always welcome at NDTWiki . Remember that NDTWiki users are encouraged to be bold!

About the project
What is NDTWiki ?
General disclaimer
Help pages
General discussion pages
Submitting a text
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Feel free to collaborate, a good starting point is requested texts, to see wanted collaborations or include there what you think is missing in this wiki

Also you can see in Category:Incomplete_texts_without_a_source and Category:Incomplete_texts and help completting the articles

  • Note: as this wiki has the same philosophy as Wikipedia and uses the same software, there are many references and links to general pages in Wikipedia